Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Those moms"

It is funny how things change once you have a baby. Before Josiah I would go to the grocery store and see parents hand their kids something to eat that they had not purchased yet. Why this bothered me I do NOT know...but it did. I mean they were going to most likely pay for it, but it still bothered me. I became one of "those moms". I was in the baby isle buying some baby formula, baby food, and Gerber snacks for Josiah and he saw me pick up the Gerber lil' crunchies off of the shelf and he started to throw a fit because he wanted some of them. (I usually keep some in the diaper bag, but I used the last bit of them yesterday) It amazed me that he knew what they were and he knew he wanted some of them. So I gave in and gave him some! Oh how things change!


Heather said...

Amen! I was the same way! I use to say, "I'll be able to do it all, my house will be cleaned, Ly will never be one of those children that pitches a fit, I'll read to her every night, cook a nice meal when I get home from work, blah blah" and let me just say nothing has gone quit the way I predicted it would. Now I try to never "judge" (if that's what you call it) other moms now! :)Parenting is such a learning experience, isn't it?!

Nicole said...

Girl I stay home and my house is still a disaster!!!! It is definitely a learning experience! Once you think you have it all under control something else happens!