Monday, November 30, 2009


We went to Pensacola for Thanksgiving! Thursday morning Josh, Josiah and I got up and went over to Josh's parents house. We ate around 12 and then we had to go to their neighbors to say hi (and eat a lil' more!) After we left the neighbors we went to my aunt and uncle's to eat around 4. I love going back home and spending time with friends and family, but it always makes me want to move back! - Maybe one day! Friday night Josh and I went to the Crabtrap to eat with some friends and then just went home! Saturday we went with my parents to pick out a Christmas tree. We only looked at 2 trees and found the one we wanted. I think mom was a little disappointed that it went so quickly! After that we went over to Josh's mom and dad's and had dinner with them. I had Josh drop me off at Jaime's house because we were going to do "game night". It was fun, Rachel, Lindsay, Jaime, Crystal and Jordan came and we hung out for awhile and then we went over to Crystal's and the boys joined us! Sunday we got up and headed back to Georgia! :( We won't be going to Florida again until Christmas.

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