Thursday, January 26, 2017

God knew..

God knew but we didn't.

That Sunday morning in 2012 we received a phone call saying the birthmom changed her mind after giving birth.  I remember standing in our bedroom taking that phone call.  At that moment I felt as though our world was being turned upside down.  I was upset that God would put her in our path and just take her away before we even met her.  I longed to know how that baby girl was doing..if she was being taken care of properly..if she ended up going to foster care.  I thought about her for years.  I still think about her occasionally and pray for her but it's been awhile.  It's crazy when you are walking through a tough situation to realize God is in control.  He knew months later we would have adopt Adalyn and years later Ansley would be in our lives.  He knew our hearts would hurt but He also knew what would be in store for our family in the future.

Everything is made beautiful in His time.  Ecclesiastes 3:11

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