Monday, October 13, 2008


As a young girl I dreamed about having a house full of kids and Josh also wanted a big family. In October 2006 I thought our dreams had been crushed when the Doctor's told me I couldn't get pregnant. Then we realized, God had a different plan for Josh and I, and that we could still have children by Adopting! I was so excited about this! I started looking into adoption and realized it was a complicated process, but this is what we wanted to do. We have entered the adoption process with the attitude and opinion that we will be open to adopting a baby who needs a home. This baby may not look like us, but he/she will be our child, and we will be his/hers parents. The love we have in our hearts for this child is the same as if we had it ourselves. We know that God has already chosen our child for us, and we are just trusting that in His timing we will be united with him or her and become a family!

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